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Worker Process Memroy usage in the Qlikview server

Hi All,

This is regarding the memory usage in the Qlikview server ,the server is having 36 GB of RAM.We have observed in the task manager of the server the w3wp.exe which is serving the qlikview application is consuming the memroy and it not releasing once request is processed. The memory consumption of the w3wp.exe is gradualy increasing and it is reaching more than 12 GB. Due to the high memroy usage by the w3wp.exe the application realted service "Qlikview server(qvs.exe)" is getting restarted automaticaly due to lack of memory and some times the restarting of the "Qlikview Server" service is getting failed and it's leading to application outage.

Can you please suggest me how to fix it..

version : V9 SR6

os: Windows 2003 server 64 Bit.

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Re: Worker Process Memroy usage in the Qlikview server


have you tried setting the Document timeout to a lower value than default (Default=480 minutes; try something like 180)?

This setting govern how long QVS will keep a file in memory when it is idle.

I generally use 180 minutes. After 180 minutes of inactivity, your user is most likely done with your QV file for the day; Or your qvw is so awesome, that your users just love staring at it. ;-)

You can find this in QEMC --> System -> Qlikview Server --> [Your Server] --> Documents



I guess this has nothing to do with your w3wpissue though ... maybe it still helps... Regarding w3wp, have you tried this --> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/916984

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