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how to control what users can do


is there a way to control not only the number of objects users can create but also control how much resources their chart/reports will use up on the server?

If we have hundreds of users who will be creating their own charts with millions of records, couldn't this become an issue as far as the amount of RAM available?

There must be a way to either control the amount of data the users have access to or the RAM allocation?

Thanks, Maria

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how to control what users can do

Hi Maria,

There a way out for this. You can decide what users can do what they cannot.

Even you can have security implemented on sheet level

For that you need to go through the section access document available at the link below.


Hope that helps



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how to control what users can do

Go to Settings => Document Properties => Security.

There  you can specify "user privileges". Also you can explore Settings => Uer preferences for more.

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how to control what users can do

Hi ashfaq_haseeb,

even though this document is very informative, it doesn't have anything as far as controlling the amount of data the users can work with. It looks like l Access is mainly for controlling WHAT data the user can see, not how much data they can bring into the application by creating charts & reports.

Thanks for the link though, I am sure I will need that in the near future.


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how to control what users can do


I guess you are talking about collaboration or shared objects.

If you are using QV9 then you have only 2 option for Shared/Collaboration objects, either give access to create a collaboration objects to all user or restrict for all.

And if you are using QV10, then you can control user wise, to give access to individual for creating shared/collaboration objects through QEMC.

But here also you can not control the data volume.

- Amit 

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