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how to recover orphan file

Dear Forum,

The situation is as follows:

i put 2 doc cals on document abc.qvw

i also put 2 doc cals on document xyz (note: no .qvw extension!)

I removed both documents from the file system without removing the doc cals first in the QMC.

Then i read the following site: https://www.quickintelligence.co.uk/remove-orphaned-qlikview-apps/

By executing these instructions i could recover the abc.qvw doc cals.

However, i am not able to recover the 'xyz' document cals in the same way.

I think it has something to do with the file extension. Does anybody have a clue how to recover the 2 doc cals that still havent been returned?

Note:  I also checked that the sum of all assigned cals is 48 out of 50. Even the caldata.pgo file indicates that 2 doc cals have been assigned to xyz.



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Re: how to recover orphan file

Hi, Tjeerd,

If there is no .qvw extension, the 'xyz' file should not be recognized in the QMC, then it is impossible to add doc CAL to it at the beginning.  So file 'xyz' should have .qvw extension. Maybe you hide the extension.

Have you tried to add 'xyz.qvw' back? And are you sure you add the file in correct path?


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Re: how to recover orphan file

If you have limited CALs and Apps, Better delete all the CAL files and restart the services. It will reset the values, Now you can go ahead and assign new licenses.

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Re: how to recover orphan file

One thing I have found that has worked in the past is using the QlikView Server Cal Manager app.

Qlikview Server CAL Manager

Make sure you read through it, but this should be able to help with what you need.

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Re: how to recover orphan file

I think you missed the step to clear the server license as well. I decided to clear the server licence and reapply the license. I made screenshots of all call settings so i could reapply these as well.

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