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server migration


The client has let it be SERVER-1, now we are migrating to SERVER-2, so can I run QVS on two different servers with the same key,

that mean can i have two instances of it parallely running as I need to do testing before Migrating to the new one?

In the SERVER-1 I hav Publisher as well , I took the LEF from it & apply it to SERVER-2 & its working fyn (I hav tested only the application reload part not with PDF generation) .



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server migration

you require cluster licenses for that.

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server migration

when ever we require server on more than one machine then qliktech has special type of licence called cluster license.this license is used for decreasing load on servers.

the user request will be redirected randomly among servers.


server migration

Even with Cluster license you can't run two independent servers. The servers have to be cluster.


server migration


I think the standard server license conditions allow you to install onto 2 or more servers, but the services may only be run on one server at any one time. This is to allow for a manual changeover to a backup DR server.

If you need a test server and a production server to run simultaneously, then you need 2 licenses; there is a special test server license. Enquire with your QV supplier/partner.



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