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usage statistics per sheet/object

Hi all,

I was wondering, is there a way to get usage statistics per sheet/object?

Meaning, can I see how many times a user visited each tab? How long he spent in each tab? etc’?

Will having extensive audit logging allow logging of such elaborate data?



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Re: usage statistics per sheet/object

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Re: usage statistics per sheet/object

As i understood, the Governance Dashboard doesn't show users usage statistics, but reuse of expressions and variables within a module, etc'.


Re: usage statistics per sheet/object

Actually, through Audit logs the Governance Dashboard does allow you to see the following actions (by user and by timestamp):

- Bookmarks selected

- Sheets selected

- Fields (and values) selected

- Reports, Exports, Prints, SendToExcel, and Maximize

Using the Audit timestamp from the Audit log chart in the Governance Dashboard, you could create a very basic interpolation of the timing of actions, though this would not include actual "response time". Just time in between user actions.

Additional detail, including time spent on pages, clicking within objects, etc. is currently not possible with QlikView log files (11.2 SR4 and older).



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