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Optimized charts

Hi All,

There are many charts in each sheet of my dashboard which takes long time to load when i click on the sheet because there are millions of rows in the dashboard.

The expressions are not complex, but i multiple dimensions in cyclic group.

If you see the attached sample qvw, the sheet contain many charts and set of charts appear when we click on a button(anyway the buttons are not active as it is sample app).

I wanted to know a better way to present these charts, so that it loads faster.

I know that minimizing the charts is a good idea to improve the performance, but, since the requirement is to show all charts when i click on a button, how can i minimize the charts?

These are other sheets in the same dashboards which contain set of straight tables(also gets loaded when i click on a button), which take even longer time.

Is there any optimized way to present the charts for my requirement??

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Re: Optimized charts

The document you posted contains no data and thus no data model, so it's impossible to tell you if you can optimize anything. Try reading this discussion and document:

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Re: Re: Optimized charts

Hi Gysbert,

Thanks for the links. I am actually looking to present the charts in user interface in a better way. What i mean is, i think putting charts in container or minimizing the charts are good for performance as we will be showing only few charts at one time.

So based on the example app i provided, what i can do, to present few charts?

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Re: Optimized charts

Hi Suraj,

I think that showing or not showing charts is not going to make much of a difference performance-wise - but there is a possibility:

- I assume that, depending on the user's selection (depending on what the user is interested in), only some of those
    charts are needed.
=> Add to each of the charts a "condition for recalculation" that is identical to your visibility_condition.

Unfortunately you cannot track which of the tabs in a container is currrently active, thus you cannot make recalculation of the charts dependent on that - but you can put the charts all on top of each other, with different visibility_conditions, based on a variable. You can create buttons to control that variable.


Best regards,m


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