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Upgrading from QV 11.2 to QV 12.1 - How best to communicate the impact to users?


We are in the process of upgrading to QlikView 12.1 SR7 from QlikView 11.2 SR 15.

The thing is, it is almost public knowledge, and, Qlik have mentioned it on the IR notes that upgrading to QV 12.x could lead to inconsistencies in the reload times - while some reloads might run faster, others might get slowed down. This boils down to how the new QIX engine works and that processing has changed from Multi-threaded to single-threaded.

The question is, and I would assume that a lot of others on the community have faced it, what happens when we experience the same inconsistencies in the front end? While considering that QV 11.x is coming to the end of life in Dec 2017 and that upgrading to QV 12.x is a no-brainer, how can this be best communicated to the business users, telling them that a particular dashboard/screen/object that was taking about 5 seconds to load will take 20 seconds in the near future?

Do we just throw facts and figures and the release notes at them and tell them that it is going to be the way forward? How have others dealt with this so far?

Many thanks in advance for your responses.


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