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Accesspoint UserHeader

Currenly we are upgrading our Qlikview hosting enviroment from 8.5 to 10. Our enviroment hosts douzens of applications and user log in using an external authentication provider called Siteminder....

This solution provides us with a login page for the user and when login is succesfull a header variable is written with the unique user id...

In qlikview 8.5 we configured the AccessPoint to read this HTTP header value and use it for authentication. In QV10 I can not find this option anywhere. So question is: How can I make the access point use the header value for authentication like the old version could?

Second I would like to state that the old version was much easier to cusomize than QV10. It will take a lot of work to even change the most basic GUI items. It would be nice if the next version is more build for customization...

And btw: We use DMS on our qlikview server, just incase your wondering...

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Accesspoint UserHeader

In the QEMC under system tab and setting, go to the webserver and on the authenication tab is where you set the header. It is in the QlikView server manual on pages 132-133.

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