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Hello Guys,

On the QV Server, we have assigned some users in the Activedirectory (Control Management). Again in the QEMC->Documents->userdocuments->Authorisations I allotted for a QV Application same users. When I try to open accesspoint (Done mostly by Endusers) it works for only these users, which are having windows authorisation or Active Directory Authorisation. I dont want to add all endusers to my Active Directory. Is there any other way or am I doing something wrong?



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If you are using AD authorization, then you would need to use NTFS authorization mode with that--not DMS. DMS mode is useful for non-Windows authorization, such as Custom Directories. It is considered a best practice to group your users into AD groups, and then give the group read access on the QVW.

But if I understood your question correctly, you want to use a combination of AD and custom users. In that case, you do need DMS mode. Configure your LDAP connection and then set up a custom directory with users & groups. You can then specify your users in the document's authorization tab in DOMAIN\User format for AD and User or Group format for custom users.


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