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Contributor III

After QV9 SR7 upgrade sporadic QVP task failures

Can anyone shed some light on this sporadic QVP refresh issue caused by a recent upgrade?

Problem Description:

After an upgrade of QVS/QVP from QV 9 SR3 to SR7 we started experiencing sporadic task failures (this did not happen prior to the upgrade). We have about ~150 QVP tasks that run nightly, and each night ~20 fail. The interesting part is that the Document Log for the QVW will indicate that the refresh was successful; however the Task Log in QVP indicates a failure.


1)     Seems to be random. We record our failures nightly, and don’t notice a pattern. A given task might fail today and run successfully tomorrow.

2)     A failed task can be rerun manually without error (hitting the ‘play’ button in QVP).

3)     The Document Log indicates that the QVW was refreshed without error, but the QVP Task Log indicates an error. Error message is non-specific “load failed”.

4)     In the case that a failed task runs a QVW that creates a QVD; the QVD is created successfully without error. After the QVD is created the QVP task ends in failure.

5)     Rescheduling the task does not seem to help. If a failed task is run manually it works. If we reschedule it to run once at a given time, it works.

6)     Prior to the upgrade (on SR3) our QVPR became corrupted. We restored it, and this resolved our issue. To prevent a possible future corruption (apparently it’s been reported as a SR3 issue) we upgraded to SR7.

7)     As a long shot, I deleted about 20 QVW’s from the source directory and deleted their respective tasks in QVP. I then opened them with a SR7 desktop client and saved them (converting them from a SR3 document to a SR7 document). I noticed the file size seemed to decrease (QVWs were load script only). I then promoted them into our production environment and scheduled a new task.  This did not seem to help. Most ran fine, some failed. Seems to fit our random failure pattern.

System Specs:

Single physical server; Windows Server 2003 R2; Standard x64 bit; 28GB RAM (8 CPUs)

QVS/QVP are both QV9 SR7 (9.0.7808.9) After QV9 SR7 upgrade sporadic QVP task failures.


Attached are two log files for a sample failed QVP Task. Notice that the Document log states the refresh went fine, while the Task log indicates a failure (line 37 – ‘Error The source document was NOT reloaded successfully’). Can anyone explain what QVP is doing in this line of the log file? A few lines above we see ‘source document reload complete’. I think QVP opens the QVW from the ‘Source Documents’ directory, refreshes it, and then saves it back to the ‘Source Documents’ directory (and afterwards distributes the document to AccessPoint if applicable). So, is this error log saying that QVP can open the QVW fine, refresh it fine, but errors out when saving it back to ‘Source Documents’? If so, why would this happen? And specificially – why would this happen sporatically? If it’s a security issue (QVP runs under a local admin account) then it should happen for every task, not just a random 10% per day.

Any advice / thoughts would be greatly appreciated. QlikTech support can’t seem to figure it out.

-Thanks in advance!

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Contributor III

After QV9 SR7 upgrade sporadic QVP task failures

Does anyone know if, when performing the QV9 SR3 to SR7upgrade, you need to uninstall the Windows portion of the SAP Connector and reinstall it? It’s working for me, so I would assume not. However, we did not remove/reinstall it – so I’m wondering if this might be causing our sporadic QVP issues.


Contributor III

After QV9 SR7 upgrade sporadic QVP task failures

I believe this issue is specific to our SAP loads. I have moved to a new discussion thread:


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