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Ajax toolbar icons

Does anyone have ex prince with playing with Ajax toolbar?

I would like to take just one icon from the toolbar and use in workbench.

Is even possible or the toolbar  is one not separable piece?

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Re: Ajax toolbar icons

The AJAX toolbar is just JavaScrtipt code with a series of tiled images to represent the icons. Check the top row in the two property_sprite files in C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QlikViewClients\QlikViewAjax\htc\Images.


Re: Ajax toolbar icons

Thank you Peter.

I have managed one icon from and assign via Workbech to the website

Now I trying  function to this icon:

 function Init() { var mydoc = Qv.GetCurrentDocument();  document.getElementById("Clear").onclick = function() { myDoc.Clear(); }; } 

But I'm not getting any response when the icon is pressed..

My icon code is:

<input type="image" onclick="Init();" img src="clear.png" alt="Clear" width="69" height="26"</>

Any idea why

Re: Ajax toolbar icons

As far as I can see from your posted code, on clicking the image, the myDoc.Clear() function will be assigned to the OnClick property. But does it ever execute myDoc.Clear() ?

Re: Ajax toolbar icons

Thank you Peter?

How woudl you adjust this function to be executed?

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