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C: Drive filling up on Publisher Server

We've been using QlikView Management Console to Publish applications to the Web Portal for end user use for awhile now.  Nobody has access to the Publisher Server besides support, and the C: seems to be constantly getting filled up.  I've been deleting items to make more disk space for the temporary files created during publishing QVWs, but it's becoming more of an issue.

My question is if QMC creates files (such as log files) in the C: Drive of the Publisher Server while running tasks?  If so what are these files, where are they located, and are they necessary or could I have these files toggle between turned on/off?  Thanks for your help.

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Re: C: Drive filling up on Publisher Server


If you have QDS logging on, yes it will create a tasklog for each publisher task that executes. Go to QMC>system>setup>Distribution services>qds@<servername> > general > under settings for QDS.

You have two options:

1- You can turn off the logging  by selecting "No logging" and hit apply --> will stop all logging


2- Change the application data folder - If you have another disk attached that is bigger that "C:" you can move the application folder and you can avoid the C drive to fill up.


Re: C: Drive filling up on Publisher Server


Or to free space you can even delete old logs.



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