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Can QDS/DSC referring LDAP user via ODBC group, in NTFS mode?

Hi All,
is it possible to configure DSC that way, that users will be add to file when a group is referred?

The goal is to manage all NTFS user in a DB. One solution is to load the user in the document and make a loop and distribute.

Then I notice that custom users with the same name as a ntfs users will create a ntfs entry at the qvw. This can check against a LDAP. Next step in my mind is to create a user group, this contains all user for one dashboard. Then distribute a dashboard to this group, but the problem is that only the users have a similar entry in LDAP, not the group. Can I configure the Publisher/DSC that way, that the users behind a Custom/ODBC group will be referred in distribution instead the group.

Scenario Goal:

  1. Manage User in DB(add user DOMAIN\USER1 and DOMAIN\USER2 to group A)
  2. Distribute dashboard.qvw to group A (Problem: Distribute to user when the group is referred)
  3. User can enter via NTFS/LDAP(Username DOMAIN\USER1 and DOMAIN\USER2 also in LDAP)
  4. Delete/Add user to group in DB will effect NTFS entry with next distribution

Thanks and regards,


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Re: Can QDS/DSC referring LDAP user via ODBC group, in NTFS mode?

Don´t make a mistake about DSC and Authentication: DSC is connection with your Directory Services. Qlikview uses by default windows for authentication method. You could change or integrate with another services.

If you want do use CUSTOM USERS, you cannot "import" users from ODBC. If you se ODBC, you want to customize Qlikview.

Take a look in Qlikview Server Reference Manual.

The only way to use in your scenarios is:

- Use DMS mode, not NTFS;

- Use Publisher to deliver reduced app with authorizations;

- Change your DSC to your Active Directory/Local Directory;

- Logon with Active Directory/Local Directory;

You cannot use two logon types in the same time: Active Directory or Custom Users;

Ricardo Gerhard
OEM Solution Architect
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Re: Can QDS/DSC referring LDAP user via ODBC group, in NTFS mode?


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