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Valued Contributor

Can we get memory usage for a single qvw

My whole RAM was occupied by 9 applications. I want to know which application holds lots of memory.

Do we have any way to do that?

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Re: Can we get memory usage for a single qvw

Dear Karthik,

     As far as i know there is no way you can know application wise memory usage on server.

     But you can go through the performance log and see at the overall level.


Kaushik Solanki

Valued Contributor

Re: Can we get memory usage for a single qvw

Thanks Kaushik for your response.

But overall level wont help us by guessing which application uses what?. We have to find any alternate way to fix the problem.

Like " bring down one app and see the memory usage". Repeat this for all applications and find the memory usage.

And there too, if there are many users for single application, our decision may go wrong.

Re: Can we get memory usage for a single qvw

You are right,

     you can not have same statistics for an application all the time, there are many parameter which can lead to the more memory usage.

     For example, numbers of users. Qlikview allocated about 10% memory of application for each user, so if your application size is 100 MB then 10MB will be allocated for each of the user.

     So when calculating the application memory usage you will also need to consider this.

     Apart from this, there are ways you can find the application size.

     Say for example 100 MB application will take 100*4 = 400MB space in RAM + 10% for each user.

     So u can guess the application size in RAM.

     Hope this helps.


Kaushik Solanki

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