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Cannot Open Qlikview (qv.exe)


I have a QV10 server running just fine.

I have installed a QV10 SR5 developer  on the server machine itself. I was using it just like using the desktop client on my local machine. But suddenly i am not able to open Qlikview itself.

When i click on the shortcut or run the exe from the installed location also.. the qv.exe starts but the application does not load on the screen.. the task manager shows that the qv.exe is running..

But the strange thing is, when i create another user on the server.. and login through that and open qlikview, it opens.. and works fine.. but only with a particular user it does not work.. Both these users have admin rights on the server..

Hope someone can help me on this..


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Re: Cannot Open Qlikview (qv.exe)


There is a bug that can caused this to happen. You can contact support to get the patch of find out what SR it was repaired under.

If you open your setting.ini (C:\Users\<userwuthissue>\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikView)and remove the two line below it will work for awhile.




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Re: Cannot Open Qlikview (qv.exe)

thanks.. let me try this..

New Contributor III

Re: Cannot Open Qlikview (qv.exe)

Hi all,

I have had this in similar environment, Svr 2003, QV v10 SR5. Here is what I did to fix.

End process QV.exe under your user name in task manager so you have none showing, there may be a few to end.

Rename the following file to keep it, eg Settings.ini-old

I found mine here but it may be in a different location.

C:\Document and Settings\<Your Name here>\Application Data\QlikTech\QlikView\Settings.ini

Restart Qlikview and the system will to create a new Settings.ini file

You will need to re-input your licence and settings like user preferences if you change them from the standard.

Hope this helps



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