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Close Browser window instead of server reconnect

Hi All,

At one of my clients, we have the following situation:

- User logs in to portal
- Portal fires of a ticket to QlikView server
- QlikView server returns a link to the user, which is used to login to qvw file
- QVW file loads in a pop-up window (inside an iFrame).

We have set the QlikView server on a 10 minute time out when users are idle. When this happens, QlikView server will try to do a server reconnect. However because only the portal can initiate new sessions at QV server, the user will end up being in a loop (not able to connect to the document anymore).

To force the user back to the portal (and create a new session from there), we would like to disable the server reconnect, and close the pop-up windown with QlikView application in it. If possible with a custom error message ("You have been idle too long, you are now being returned to the Portal").

Question is, has anybody done this before?


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Re: Close Browser window instead of server reconnect

I am also facing the same issue...any input on the above problem?

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