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Compression for large documents

Hi Community,

If the compression is set to high or none for large documents. Which is the recommended option to gain better performance.

This is for documents that are around 1 GB in size.


Rajesh Vaswani

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Re: Compression for large documents

Compression High generally works best.

The decision is a tradeoff between I/O time (less for compressed documents) and CPU time to do the compression.

If you have a slow I/O connection, such as network drive, it's almost always better to use Compression High.

If you have fast I/O, but a document that compresses well, it may load faster with Compression None.

I've done some testing across a number of large documents and only found a very few edge cases where Compression None was faster.

So unless you have a specific case you can verify with testing, I would recommend Compression High.




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