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Valued Contributor III

Controls' position/sizes changes on AccessPoint

Noticed an issue with list boxes positions'/sizes' shifting on AccessPoint (AJAX).

I have multiple List boxes on a page and they are perfectly aligned on Dev Environment:


Published document looks slightly different:


It only happens with multiple (3+) list boxes in a "column". With 1-2 list boxes in a "column" all controls seems to be perfectly aligned.

I understand that there is some difference in individual controls' displaying between desktop and AccessPoint. And it's probably accumulated with 3+ controls in the "column". But is there any solution for that?

Anything I can do except adjusting items in each "column" individually and hoping it will work fine on any current and future versions on AJAX and supported browsers...

I will really appreciate some suggestions.

Happy Friday!



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Re: Controls' position/sizes changes on AccessPoint

The rendering between desktop and access point is in general different and I think you would need a lot of efforts to manipulate the html/css from access point or using from document extensions. I believe a solution would be only possible if you could choose your preferred rendering-engine within the qv webview-mode to reach WYSIWYG.

My solution is to change the view within the fat-client worse but that it fitted within the access point.

- Marcus

Valued Contributor III

Re: Controls' position/sizes changes on AccessPoint

Thank you, Markus.

Looks like I have to live with this limitation.



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