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Create an EDXtask with partial reaload into a specific category

I have no publisher. I have a document with 2 tasks, one for FullReload and another one for Partial. I have created the first one by QMC, and the second with API, but I am not able to set the right category for the partial reload task. It is set to "Default". Do you know anothe way to create 2 tasks without publisher?

This is my code

StringBuilder response = new StringBuilder();



                // Initiate backend client

                IQMS apiClient = new QMSClient();

                // Get a time limited service key

                ServiceKeyClientMessageInspector.ServiceKey = apiClient.GetTimeLimitedServiceKey();

                // Get QlikView Server

                ServiceInfo qds = apiClient.GetServices(ServiceTypes.QlikViewServer).FirstOrDefault();

                DocumentNode document = apiClient.GetUserDocuments(qds.ID).Where(x => x.Name.Equals(documentName, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)).FirstOrDefault(); //Get first source document for this example 

                DocumentTask documentTask = new DocumentTask();

                documentTask.QDSID = qds.ID;

                documentTask.Document = document;

                documentTask.Reload = new DocumentTask.TaskReload();

                documentTask.Reload.Mode = TaskReloadMode.Partial;

                documentTask.DocumentInfo = new DocumentTask.TaskDocumentInfo();

                documentTask.DocumentInfo.Category = "Category";

                documentTask.General = new DocumentTask.TaskGeneral();

                documentTask.General.Enabled = true;

                documentTask.General.TaskName = "Partial Reload of " + documentName;

                documentTask.General.TaskDescription = "Creating a task via QMS API";

                documentTask.Scope = DocumentTaskScope.General;

                Guid triggerID = Guid.NewGuid();

                // Create a list of trigger and add the scheduled trigger

                List<Trigger> List_Trigger = new List<Trigger>();




                    // Create an external event trigger                   

                    ExternalEventTrigger evt = new ExternalEventTrigger();

                    evt.ID = triggerID;

                    evt.Type = TaskTriggerType.ExternalEventTrigger;


                    evt.Enabled = true;                   

                    // add the external event trigger                   





                    // Create a scheduled trigger               

                    ScheduleTrigger st = new ScheduleTrigger();

                    st.ID = triggerID;

                    st.Type = TaskTriggerType.OnceTrigger;

                    st.Enabled = true;

                    st.StartAt = DateTime.Now;


                    // Add the scheduled trigger




                documentTask.Triggering = new DocumentTask.TaskTriggering();

                documentTask.Triggering.Triggers = List_Trigger;                             


                documentTask.Triggering.TaskDependencies = new List<TaskInfo>();

                documentTask.Triggering.ExecutionAttempts = 1;

                documentTask.Triggering.ExecutionTimeout = 0;

                // Scope plays an important role

                documentTask.Scope = DocumentTaskScope.General | DocumentTaskScope.Triggering;

                //Create task          


                // Scrive nel file di log

                response.AppendLine("Creato il task " + documentTask.General.TaskName);


            catch (System.Exception ex)




            return response.ToString();

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Re: Create an EDXtask with partial reaload into a specific category

Have the same problem. All tasks are created by API have "Default" category only.

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Re: Create an EDXtask with partial reaload into a specific category

I've found solution. It's need to add DocumentTaskScope.DocumentInfo

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