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Dashboards with same tab and object model components crashing on Access Point

I recently copied the tab design (charts, listboxes) etc. and the supporting object model components from an existing working dashboard to another dashboard.  Both of these dashboards are refreshed via the Qlikview publisher daily.  If I attempt to open both dashboards at the same time, via the Access Point, AND on different machines, one or the other browser instances crashes.  At times both will flash, one then the other, as if they are attempting to refresh in the browser and eventually one will crash.

My assumption is that there is something with memory sharing in the QV server that is causing this behavior.  Has anyone else experienced problems with multiple users, or on my case just one user, opening different dashboards containing/using the same data on different machines?  Where would one begin to problem solve this issue?  Are their logs on the server that might help?

I am able to open two dashboards that do not share the components with out issue.  Our main browser version is IE8 and we are using the IE plugin.  We are on QV 11 SR6 and I have a server level cal.  The QV documents do use alternate states on this tab.  I have also tried with IE on one machine and Chrome on the other and the crash did occur in that scenario as well.

Any suggestions are appreciated.