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Delayed trigger on clusterd Publisher

Hi everyone.

Right now im managing a large clustred setup with 4 QVS/WEB servers and 3 QDS and over 100 applications for a customer.

There are some perofrmance issues on the QDS servers with memory falling very low during cetain times. After checking a bit i found out that i had 6 20-45min reloads running on the same QDS at the same time.

So the question is, why doesnt the load balacer spread out the tasks on the two other QDS servers? Well i checked the logg files and all theese taskas are depending on one other task to finish. So when that task is completed, all the other tasks start att exactly the same time. So im thinking that all the tasks check the current load of all the QDS servers and everyone decide to run on the same server.

If thats the cas,e is there a way to "delay  the trigger from starting the task? In that case the load balancer should choose another server and the load gets balanced over all three servers.

Any idees would be appritiated.

Thank you


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Re: Delayed trigger on clusterd Publisher


Check in the QMC the Supporting Tasks, where you can add a "Pause" task between two of them. That might help.

Hope that helps.


New Contributor

Re: Delayed trigger on clusterd Publisher

You guys are both right. I have done this before and yes all tasks are sent to the same QDS because they all start at the same time and QMS uses the same QDS statuses to calculate which QDS the tasks should be sent to. Yes delaying half of the tasks will make them go to a different QDS.

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