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Delete failed task in QMC automatically.

Hi All,

Is there any way we can automate the deletion of any failed task in QMC.

Problem statement:

Qlikview reload gets triggered as per ETL completion.

In case the reload fails, on next successful reload it creates  qvw and as a result we have 2 qvw in access point : "file1 and file1(2)".

We can delete it manually but looking for any workaround to automate the deletion of failed instances of task to avoid 2 copies on access point.


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Re: Delete failed task in QMC automatically.

Hi Akash,

The only way to accomplish this is to create a QMS API client and automate the deletion of a failed task.
This is the help page where you can find the documentation: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview-developer/12.1/apis/QMS%20API/html/7b30b3a1-77da-4bbe-bdc2-1320...

Re: Delete failed task in QMC automatically.

That should not happen in the first place, unless your task is using some variables in the "Reduced Document Name" setting which sets a different name to the newly created QVW after every distribution, or there are some issues with the rights of the account on the destination folder.

Regardless if it fails or succeeds, the destination QVW (the one you can see in the User Documents / Mounted folder) is always overwritten by the reload task, unless explicitly using a different name from the different options available: the value of a field, a timestamp, a serial number, etc. That is, by default, the name of the resulting QVW is always the same as the source QVW.

But if it fails it should not even distribute the QVW (that's when it succeeds).

Or at least, that's the expected behavior (otherwise, how the users would know which file they have to open?).