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Different tables: qvw vs pdf report

Good afternoon

I have a qvw dashboard where I have two tables and other minor objects, where everything is as it is needed to perform data analysis.

However, when I create a pdf report to be distributed via Publisher, the first table only contains two dimension values, instead of four in the qvw file. The qvw table is defined to be always shown.

I can also say that, due to the second table's dimension, I conceived the pdf report using the multi-sheet option. Therefore, the larger second table of the qvw is placed in the multi-sheet area of the report. On the other hand, I have placed the first table (the one that is causing trouble) in the introduction section of the first page.

I would like your help in order to understand how to make the first table be exactly as it is shown (e.g. with the same information) in the qvw file.

I am using QlikView 11 SR2 on a Windows 2008 Server machine.

Thank you and best regards,

João Duarte

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Re: Different tables: qvw vs pdf report

Reports are generated with the current selections still active.

You can configure a report to clear all selections every time before building the current instance.

Of course, section access still applies to the data in the report. You may be able to see all dimension values, but someone else may not. There is not much that can be done about that.

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Re: Different tables: qvw vs pdf report

Thank you, Peter

However, table expressions in this report use set analysis in order to filter the data. Thus, I do not make any selection to get the desired data into the table.

The other table that I placed in the multi-sheet area has a similar structure and is also based on set analysis, but it appears similar in both the qvw dashboard and pdf report.

It is still not clear to me why the table are different.


João Duarte

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