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Contributor II
Contributor II

Distribute as legal-size PDF

Hello All,

Need to distribute a pdf, with US Legal the paper size in the pdf. 

Is it possible to have the report be stretched and fit to a legal-sized pdf? 

Current settings/ behavior:

--Report Settings, Preferred paper size: Legal

--When printing directly from the Report, the default Paper Size does default to US Legal

--The report can be printed to a legal-sized sheet, but does not stretch to fill the full legal-sized sheet. 


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Master II
Master II

Have you looked into changing the PDF printer settings to Letter?

Not applicable

Warming up an old  thread... I am facing similar problem using QlikView Publisher... even though I have setup legal and landscape as the page size in pdf settings in QV document, QV publisher prints the PDF in A4 size..

How do we ensure that page settings are retained as is during QlikView publisher?

I tried both pdf creator and pdf saver in QV publisher settings...

appreciate any help..

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi nrbhattad ,

We never did resolve this issue, but we did not submit a ticket to QV Support, either.  If you contact QV Support, I'd be curious to hear the response!


Contributor III
Contributor III


We have sucessfully distributed different size PDF documents from Publisher, and have also had QlickTech's support on the issue. 

There are two places to change the paper size 1) Report Settings & 2) PDF Exchange printing preferences.  It is the latter which determines what size paper Publisher uses when it generates the reports.


You can only use one paper size setting; even if you create a new Qlikview Report in the Report Editor and set the paper size to A3/A4, it will still use the PDF-Exchange settings.  The Report's Paper Size settings are not passed through to the PDF writer; this is by design and is not a product error.

Hope that helps.

Nick Scott.

Qlick-iT(Intelligent Technologies) Ltd.