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Distribute sometimes very long


I don't know why but sometimes, a reload and distribute task of a document (size : 8.1GB) takes about an hour to be done. But usually, it takes between 20 to 30min.

My server isn't overloading, there isn't any real user yet, only 30% of RAM is used (preload of others documents), and less than 5% of CPU, and it doesn't seems to depend on when the task is executed.

I realy don't understand why it can be more than two times longer for no obvious reason.

Can someone explain me if it's normal, or if there is a setting ?

Thank you

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Re: Distribute sometimes very long

What does the document log show? This could be caused by network issues, IO issues and problems with you Database server.


Re: Distribute sometimes very long


     Sometimes it happens due to logs.

     meaning if you have enabled the document log then it may take time, cause every statement of the script needs to be logged.

     So if document log is enabled then disabled it and try.


Kaushik Solanki

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