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Distribution Service consuming 100% of CPU

Has anyone else experience this situation?

The QlikviewDistributionService.exe consumes 98% of the CPU and wont relinquesh any.  This is happening sporadically, but always start around 4AM. The scheduled batch jobs all run, but since they can't get any part of the processors, they abort after their max run time.

The only way to release the CPU is to stop the process.  Trying to stop the service fails.

Here's the environment setup...

Windows Server 2008


2 Quad-Core processors

QlikView Server v9 SR7

Yes, I know support for v9 is waining, but I still need to stabalize the situation while trying to upgrade.

Any ideas?


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Re: Distribution Service consuming 100% of CPU


When did the problem start to happen?  What changes was done before this issue started to happen? Normally if the server has been running and you have not upgraded QlikView then it has to be something that is causing the issue.


Valued Contributor

Re: Distribution Service consuming 100% of CPU

We had not upgraded the server version for more than 8 months prior to the first instance of the issue occurring.  The issue was occurring sporadically (5 to 6 week apart) since April.  Then in July it began to occur more frequently (every 5 - 14 days).

We applied the latest build for the version, but there has been no change.

It's difficult to determine what changed prior to the original ocurrance, since we didn't notice the pattern for several months.


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