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Document on Loop and Reduce

What is Loop and Reduce? any document defining how to implement it in QMC



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Re: Document on Loop and Reduce

Search on google "QlikView Security Video Series Youtube". There you will find the loop and reduce video, which I think will be a good to start with.

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Re: Document on Loop and Reduce

u can chk here


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Re: Document on Loop and Reduce

I've watched that video, and this one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXKTfGgxw0g&t=261s

Though I can get the 'Reduction' on a Dept field to work to create separate QVWs per Dept, I can't get the Publisher to set the security on the resultant files based on a Section Access Management table I've created in QMC. I've haven't been able to get Section Access to work properly with a single file, either.

I include the following in the script of the QVW:

Star is *;

Section Access;






(html, utf8, embedded labels, table is [<Table Name>]);

Section Application:

<the rest of my load scripts>

(I know I didn't use UPPER(NTNAME), but I made sure the entries in the table are all in Upper case).

I see the following in the App's log file:

2/23/2017 4:36:36 PM: 0013  Star is *

2/23/2017 4:36:36 PM: 0015  Section Access

2/23/2017 4:36:36 PM: 0016  LOAD ACCESS,

2/23/2017 4:36:36 PM: 0017       NTNAME,

2/23/2017 4:36:36 PM: 0018       DEPARTMENT_NAME

2/23/2017 4:36:36 PM: 0019  FROM

2/23/2017 4:36:36 PM: 0020  [http://qlkopsq1-jiop:4780/QMS/AuthTable]

2/23/2017 4:36:36 PM: 0021  (html, utf8, embedded labels, table is [AP BillPay Visibility Tool])

2/23/2017 4:36:36 PM:       3 fields found: ACCESS, NTNAME, DEPARTMENT_NAME, 5 lines fetched

2/23/2017 4:36:36 PM: 0024  Section Application

So, I think it's loading the table.

I think it has something to do w/ the "Loop and Distribute" section. I don't have a LoginID field in my database or App. I want this to come from the Authorization table in the QMC, joined on the DEPARTMENT_NAME. But, the section above in my script does not expose the NTNAME to the dropdown in "Loop and Distribute".

After running my Task, if I pull up a User that is in the Authorization Table on the User Management tab, it seems like he has access to each Dept's QVW, which is confirmed when he logs in.

Can someone tell me what I could be doing wrong?


Re: Document on Loop and Reduce

You can reduce de data for each user you have. And the reduction can be different for each user.