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EDX trigger issue


I had noticed couple of issue with the EDX trigger

1. QMSEDX.exe does not update automatically for couple of task ones its reload gets completed

2. QMSEDX.exe will end after one hour even though the task is still in reloading state and takes more than a hour to complets its reload.

please help me on this.

Thanks in advance

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Those are not EDX issues rather than missing features in the QMSEDX.exe implementation. There are alternatives like this one by Rikaard Braathen, very much customizable and with many other options, but as QMSEDX.exe, not official and therefore unsupported.

Anyway, there you have the source code should you want to make your own EDX task handler.

Note that since the EDX task is triggered by some event alien to QlikView, you need to constantly contact the Management Service to make sure the task is running, and its state. QMSEDX.exe tool will basically throw the request to the server, and that's pretty much all. So you may need to check this status by calling to the QMS API bsaed on both examples.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks Miguel,

As you said the issue is with QMSEDX.exe responce.

The task in running fine in QMC but the QMSEDX is not getting updated once the task get finished in QMC.

not sure whome to contact on this.



This EXE file is just as simple example on how to implement EDX triggered tasks with Visual Studio. There is no one to contact on this unless you have a colleague (or yourself) with strong Visual Studio skills to develop the application or the code in the other link in my post above.

Hope that makes sense.


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Thanks Miguel,

But I dont have any idea on Visual studio.

More over I cross check the config file of the QMSEDX, and made few changes to following





But am not sure whether these changes are getting implemented.

Do i need to make any service/server restart to implement the changes.

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Hi Miguel,

I found out solution for one of the issue, the time out for the jobs are set to one hour(-to=3600) ehich i changed to 10400(aprox 4 hrs) and this solved my secong issue.

For issue 1, another time out is send as a argument to the respective tasks. so there are two timeout values for one task one is default 3600 sec and another 7200(Passed as argument) - I deleted the second time out value but and increased the first timeout value but still the issue repeats,

could you please suggest any solution on this