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Execute the qvw file on date condition

Hi Frnds,

         I need to execute the qvw file on the basis of predefined dates(Clients gave some set of dates for five years in the format of ddmmyyyy) .

I did in my developer machine but In our production enviornment we dnt have qv.exe  to execute (execute cmd.exe /r  c:......qv.exe   c:/....... test.qvw) so please let me know how to do achive this task.



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Re: Execute the qvw file on date condition

on a server you can trigger the task with EDX or with QMSAPI

another option could be

- make a new doc (scheduled every day) and add some logic to skip the dates

- for the date to skip makes an error in the script (ie read a file that doesn't exists, etc...)

- schedule your original doc on success of the new one

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