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Valued Contributor

Extension Object Deployment

We are facing the issue on deploying extension object in a server.

1. Extension object is working fine in Developer desktop.

2. When installing in the server's desktop the extension object is not getting displayed.

3. Tried installing extension object in server path as well, but no hope (Not getting open both in server's desktop and through accesspoint (any browser).

4. Extension object is not even getting displayed in add new sheet object -> Extension object.

5. Here the server system details,

          1. OC : Windows Server 2008 R2

          2. Browser : IE8


Anybody have come across this problem? . Do i need to install anything in the server for enabling extension object.

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Honored Contributor II

Re: Extension Object Deployment

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Re: Extension Object Deployment

Hi Karthikeyan

Have you solved this issue? I´m facing the same. Win Server 2008 R2 and IE 8.

Works in developer but not at server.

The "Hello World"-extension works so the paths must be correct. The extensions are placed in an alternative extension folder.

Best regards

Valued Contributor

Re: Extension Object Deployment

Your Extensions using/referring any web pages?

Some web URLs may be blocked by network policies in the production environment.

Please use Fiddler kind of web debugger tool to see if any blocking is detected.

Also try to open the same extension using Qlikview Desktop Client inside the server and post the results.




Re: Extension Object Deployment


Fiddler is always a good tool to use when you are working with extensions. You can see where QVS is looking for stuff at with it.


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