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ExternalProgamTask in QMS API


Is there any way I can access the External Program Tasks using QMS API.

I have created a VC# program to scan through all the tasks and search for the Not Scheduled tasks.

If found, I get the DocumentTask of the task using getDocumentTask() and make some changes. But the program fails when it encounters an External Program task.

The reason is, I cannot get an External Program Task using getDocumentTask().

Can anyone help me here?


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Re: ExternalProgamTask in QMS API


use the following fragment to retrieve External Program Tasks:

TaskInfo taskInfo = qmsApiClient.FindTask(qdsId, TaskType.ExternalProgramTask, taskName);

Hope this helps!



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Re: ExternalProgamTask in QMS API

Hi Stefan,

Thank you. That one worked and I am able to get the External task using FindTask() function.

Also, can you please suggest me some way to save an External Program Task!!!

I have searched through the QMS API and could not find an equivalent to the saveDocumentTask() function which is used for saving the document task.


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