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Force Authentication on AccessPoint

Hi All,

I am one many who have experienced this problem, but the primary solution I cannot use in this instance so I need to look for other ways to achieve the result.


When a user logs on to the AccessPoint their domain credentials are passed to the server.

We want them to authenticate as a local server user.

Usually this is done by setting 'Prompt for username and password' in IE settings

We cannot do this because they are using a web proxy and this would cause too much inconvenience.

Is there another way to achieve the same result?


Is DMS a good alternative?

Can we HTML script a forced log on?

Can we identify the site as a non-Intranet site in IE?

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Force Authentication on AccessPoint

Hello Matt,

DMS requires an Enterprise Edition server, and it works on a document basis, in any case users can get to the AccessPoint.

You can force to not "Detect intranet sites automatically" in IE, and it will ask you for user and password when submitting the site. I don't know whether this may cause additional inconveniences.

I don't know enough to help with html script, if any.


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Force Authentication on AccessPoint

Disjoin the QlikView server from the domain if it's possible, there're no settings to force authentication unfortunately at the moment, hope help.

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