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High CPU load, publisher


Have a question about high cpu load and its behaviour which I don't understand clearly. Don't know how deep I should get, let's start pretty general and see where it takes us. I'm only hosting the server and doesn't work inside Qlikview application.

I get a constant high CPU load on the publisher server, only way I can solve it today is to reboot the server but it always comeback with different timespace.

So when this problem occurs I start to monitor CPU load in process explorer. A big part of the CPU load comes from CPU interrupts.

I get so bad performence that many realods fails.


I made some debugging with windows performence records but couldnt make any conclusion at the moment. (May have too look deeper to that).

The server is running in a virtual infrastructure on an kvm hypervisor. The VM has 12 vcpu,(backend CPU is (2x12, 3,4 Ghz,Intel Xeon E5-2600), 48 GB RAM.

Just want to know if anyone has also expirenced this? Dont know if I should start digging deeper to system problems or if it's an Qlikrelated problem.


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Re: High CPU load, publisher

In a hardware-only environment, a high cpu load by the 'Interrupts' process is usually an indication of problems with the disks or disk arrays. Not sure if this also applies to Virtual Machines.

I would say that it has "probably" nothing to do with QlikView, but I'm not really sure.