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How QV Server manage the scheduling of the triggers?

Hi to all,

the image below is a kind of my architecture.

My problem is to understand how QVServer manage the scheduling of the triggers.


Each trigger i is defined in the QEMC (server side) like the image below:


Each trigger i performs the reload of the same qww_file.qvw (file in the square), and each trigger is activated when all the qvd's (linked to such trigger) are generated.

Suppose that trigger 1, trigger 2 and trigger 3 are ready to run in the same moment.

Which is the one that start before the others?

Which are the scheduling policies?

Thanks to all.


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Re: How QV Server manage the scheduling of the triggers?


My first question would be are all the QVD loaded in the same document? If so I would use the "On Multiple events completed" to trigger it.

To answer your question If you had the engines available then QVS would try to run all the task at the same time. If not some would be held till and engine was ready.


Bill - Designated Support Engineer at Qlik
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