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How many Publisher I need?


how many QV Publisher I need?

We use two QlikView Environments, because we have two different sections.

If we use the QV Publisher, do we need for each section an QV publisher or can we use one QV publisher for both Environments?

Thanks for answer.

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Re: How many Publisher I need?


Technically, one Publisher can serve the two environments, because you can specify to what server the document will be distributed, however, all its features will only appear in one of the two QMC, so you will have to make sure all users from the other environment have the proper rights to see the QMC and not conflict with the other environment. This is usually achieved by using Document Administrators for both the QlikView Server and the Distribution Service (Publisher in this case).

Anyway, my suggestion when it comes to two different environments, and usually with two different set of users is having them apart with one Publisher module each, and each group will manage their own tasks, permissions and so without depending on the other group of users.

Hope that helps.


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