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How to troubleshoot scheduled reloads?

I am a QlikView newbie and trying to find my way around.

I have a QlikView server setup on on a single server (version 9). All the services appear to be running properly.

For a given qvw document, I have the reload schedule configured to "Every 0 hours and 10 minutes" in the QlikView Management Console.

However the scheduled reload does not appear to be working. The reload only works when I manually click "Reload Now" in QlikView Management Console.

I have the log level set to "Debug Logging" under the QlikView Server Settings tab. I can see that debug logs are written to my log folder path when the reload occurs - under a Qlikview Distribution Service\1\Log\20101006\120245 - _Reload Now_ of GS ATC Dashboard.qvw\TaskView.txt. But there are only logs for the manual reloads I have done - not the scheduled ones.

The data in the qvw is only as recent as the manual reload; the timestamp of the file reflects when the manual reload occurred.

I don't see any other logging that indicates errors when the scheduling piece kicks off. It is if it were not running at all?

What service or task, handles the scheduling piece? I already have the Qlikview Distribution Service running - does it kick out any logs that I need to look at?

Is there a certain permission that needs to be applied to a particular service, file or component?

How should I troubleshoot why the scheduled reload is not occurring?

Is there a specific section in the documentation I should be referring to?

Thanks in advance!

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How to troubleshoot scheduled reloads?


I recently had the same problem with Scheduled tasks not reloading from QV Server.

I eventually found out that the Qlikview Distribution Service, wasn't logged in as the Administrator, so it had the wrong persmissions.

Make sure you have the right permissions set-up in 'Services', then restart the services and try again.

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How to troubleshoot scheduled reloads?

Thank you Xena -

Which windows groups does your "ruskin\lib_admin" user belong to?

The user that I have running that service belongs to the local Administrator's group as well as the QlikView Adminstrator's group.

If there are logs that the service generates that might indicate a permissions issue - where might I find those?

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How to troubleshoot scheduled reloads?

Wanted to bump this one. Can anyone provide any guidance on running the scheduled reloads in QlikView Server?

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