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How to use Section Access from the Server level?


I wish to create the following scenario under the Qlikview server + publisher v10:

  • I wish to publish X documents to Y users
  • Each user is authorized to view only portion of the X documents
  • User authorization table is managed on a database using a different application and is accessible by Qlikview
  • The user will see a list / thumbnails of authorized documents only

So far I've managed to implement the authorization mechanism using Section Access in Qlikview desktop. When trying to do the same under the server, I left the Section Access in the document definition and under the document->distribute tab in the publisher I assigned it to anonymous. This created a situation where a user could see all the documents thumbnails and was ask to supply credentials when trying to access a document.

How can I prevent the user from seeing the names or thumbnails of unauthorized documents without managing a parallel authentication mechanism in the server (e.g. Custom Directory)?

Can I move the Section Access logic from the document to the server level still using my user authorization table?

Thanks, David.

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AW:How to use Section Access from the Server level?

Hi David,

I recently heard about a method that allows to distribute documents to the defined users only be setting the document attributes. However, this will require to use Active Directory (or whatever) user names anyhow which may make it necessary for you to rework your user strcture anyhow.

Best practice from my point of view is to use AD to manage folder access through groups. You could use these groups to load related users into your section access definition as well, which should minimize the admin effort.



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