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Hyperlinking Objects with field values

Hi Friends,

I do have a requirement where in table column values should be hyperlinked to objects in the qlikview document.

For example: If I have a column that has the different regions, I should be able to open another object when clicked on the regions to know more information on the regions.

Table 1

Region ID   Region  Total Sales

1                    Aus    1000

2                     US     2000

When I click on US I should activate or open the below object for US

US Sales

State     Store     Sales     Offers     Date

ABC     ST1          200     None     1/1/2000

BCD     ST2          800     Special     2/2/2014

Please let me know if I am not clear.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Hyperlinking Objects with field values


for your requirement use conditional enableing of bjects

Properties-->lay out-->show-->conditional

write like


similarly others

then if you clik on US then corresponding Objects will be Shown .



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Re: Hyperlinking Objects with field values

create field and  and in display option select link  and give link

=('E Mail'&'<url>'&'mailto:'& only(EmailID)& '&subject=Issue No  : ')&Only(LogNo)

This will create link and re-direct to mail or whether link where you want


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