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Increasing RAM consumption on 11.20 SR1/3


we have a QV Server 11.20 SR3 running on Hyper-V VM (Win 2008 R2) with dynamic RAM (min. 2GB and max. 12GB).

After rebooting the entire VM RAM consumption is around 1.78GB. When the server starts a document reload (only one!) the RAM consumption increases to around 11GB and the task runs for almost 1h. When QV has completed the task, RAM goes down to ~7GB. No other task was running at that time ...

The Windows processlist doesn't show any application that could be responsible for this RAM consumption after QV finished the reload.

Only restarting the entire VM frees up the RAM again (of course).

I've updated the server from SR1 to Sr3 today ... no difference ...

Any clue what the reason for that behaviour is ?

Thanks a lot ...


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Re: Increasing RAM consumption on 11.20 SR1/3

Memory management such as Transparent Page Sharing and Memory Ballooning may cause

instability in the guest system and should be avoided. It's recommended to configure the virtual

machine to use static memory allocation.

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