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Issues scheduling a supporting task multiple times per day.

I'm trying to schedule a supporting task to run at 5:00am, 12:00pm and 6:00pm.  I thought this would be simple.  I just add 3 daily triggers to the task or so I thought.  When I do that it always skips the 5:00am trigger.  I've tried adding them in different orders but it doesn't make any difference.  It will run at 6PM and then schedule the next run for 12PM. 

So I have to disable the noon trigger and then after the 5am run I can enable it again.  After the 6pm run, I need to go in and disable the noon trigger so the 5am trigger will be used.  This kinda defeats the purpose of scheduling something. 

I thought about setting up 3 separate supporting tasks but I have tasks that are dependent to these so then I would need multiple versions of those or some other complex combination of triggers.

Is this a known bug?  I haven't been able to find others posting about it.  We are running 10.0.9277.8 on a Windows 2008 R2 server (both are 64-bit).

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Re: Issues scheduling a supporting task multiple times per day.

Being you are on a patch release, can't tell if it is a bug or not. I would upgrade to SR5 and see if you still have the issue.


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