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Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting



I am getting this message "Lost connection to server.  Reconnecting" when tried to view QVW file in browser. 

If anyone faces this issue earlier, please let me know the fix if it is fixed.

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Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting


    There can be two reasons.

    1. The network issue.

    2. Settings in Qlikview Application.

        go to Settings-> Document Properties -> Server -> Find the "Maximum Inactive Session" Make sure that the value is fare enough.

     Hope this will help you.


Kaushik Solanki

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Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting

Hi. I'm having the same problem.

Could you please specify "1. The network issue"?


Björn Aldén

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Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting

We have such a problem when trying to open a document page with "heavy" chart.

If the user opening such a page, the chart is looking like calculating.

But then, after 60 seconds, Lost Connection message appears and user is asking to login again.

When working using QV.exe - everything is Ok. The chart is working fine, just slowly.

Looks like there is some kind of secret timeout when working with server-based document through a web browser.

But for a moment I've not succeeded to find the place it can be configured.

Any suggestions highly appreciated.




Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting

Hi DD,

I tried to fix this using various options, but nothing worked.  But I tried removing some listboxes in the sheet and it the chart is loading now. After that I checked by adding the removed list boxes.  Still it is working.  I don't how it works, but the issue is solved.  After that I never faced this issue again.



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Re: Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting

Hi D.D.

actually I have exactly the same problem. I see the "reconnecting" message, and after that - 60 seconds after clicking to the QlikView button in the application - we see the "no connection" message. The QV server is utilized with 100% and wil stay there until the QVS service is stopped and restarted.

When I open the same function in QV.exe the answer is visible before 60 seconds, normally after 45 seconds.

How have you solved this problem. Do you have found some settings to change?

Or do you have optimized your QV application?

Thanks for your help.


New Contributor III

Re: Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting

Hi Guys,

Has anyone of you found the solution for this problem? I am having the same problem, I have tried to increase the "object calculation time limit" from QMC but the problem still retain, the heavy chart will only load for around 45 seconds and go "Reconnecting" message again. Every time when it happens, QlikView creates new session, it causes our memory to grow quickly and reach the memory limit.

Thank you.


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Re: Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting

I also faced this issue and tried configuring session time out at document level as well as qlikview server level at setup > QVS> Performance and the issue is not occurring frequently

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Re: Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting


Hope you had the solution for this issue. If not, you can try the following setup as I did on my server.

1. Increase the QVSTimeout to 600 as the following image. 10 mins should be enough for your dashboards.QVSTimeout Config.jpg

2. The value of session time out on QMC should be changed accordingly. You can set the timeout is 10 mins as the following image.

QMC Session config.jpg

The previous configurations work for me. Hope this help.



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Re: Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting

Thanks, had the same issue and changing the xml-file resolved my problem on a 11.20 SR10

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