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Lost connection ro server message

I'm opening my qlikview file using internet browser. I have to make selections from around 5-10 list boxes. While making selections from these list boxes or when I click on any button I keep getting a message which says "Lost connection to server", "reconnecting". I have attached screen shot of the same below.

Why is this message keeps coming and is there any way to overcome this ??

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Re: Lost connection ro server message


     Go to QEMC -> System -> Setup -> QlikView Server -> Performance Tab

     Here you will see the different settings for document timeout, make sure that the timeout is not so small.


Kaushik Solanki

Valued Contributor

Re: Lost connection ro server message

I'm having a similar issue. The Object Calculation Time Limit: is set to 60 seconds. I increased this to 600 but the "Lost connection to server", "reconnecting" message still occurred after about 1 minute.

Observing the memory I can see that the report continued to generate in the background. By re-selecting the selections I was able to return the report to screen when in had finished.

Any more suggestions as to the cause / solution.

New Contributor

Re: Lost connection ro server message

Hi Shane

Have you found any solution for this.. My users raised same issue




Re: Lost connection ro server message

Hi All,

Check a couple settings:

1. QMC/System/Setup/QVS - Make sure there is no value for "Maximum Inactive Session Time", "Possible Session Timeout" and "Max Total Session Time"

2. Open the task of the dashboard in question - Server/Performance and make sure "Maximum Inactive Session Time" has no value and uncheck "Enable Audit Logging"

Kick off a reload of the task and try again.

Hope that helps,


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Re: Lost connection ro server message

Please check, the QVS services running or not? Also, how is RAM utilization on the QVS servers?

Mostly, restarting QVS services will resolve these type of problems.

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