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Misplaced images in QV Access Point


We have several reports currently visible to users in our organization and we have thumbnails on each of them.

For some users however these thumbnails start to mess up randomly (the thumbnail from reportA goes as image for reportB, etc.) and the strangest thing here is that for each of the affected users the thumbnails are mixed up differently. For some users everything works fine though. But every day new and new users are affected by the above issue.

Neither restarting of services on the server, nor the user's browser history, cookies etc. delete helps in resolving this issue. We use QV9 SR 5. The problem for different users starts suddenly (without making any changes to the configurations on the server or at user's PC.

Has anyone else experiencing similar issues? Or have you any ideas how to resolve this? We insist on using the thumbnails for better distinguishing between reports and going to list view is not an option for us.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards,

Sergey Petkov

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Valued Contributor

Misplaced images in QV Access Point

Have you tried different browsers and their versions? I don´t know if the problem could be solved with QV10 update. Worth a try!

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Misplaced images in QV Access Point

All users use IE 7. There is absolutely no relevance between affected and non-affected users. This issue is really random Smiley Sad Currently we are still advised not to migrate to QV10 because of several known issues with the new plattform.

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