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Need help understanding TaskLog

Hi All,

Advance wishes for the new year ahead.

I have a Qlikview Server and Publisher running on the same machine. Pretty good configuration. I am running QV11.2 server and publisher on a Windows 2008 R2 box.

Could you please help me understand as to what exactly is happening. when the TaskLog says below, what does it mean. Is it copying the file to the mount folder or is it doing something else...

Notice below the percentage.. it goes on till 100% and then completes the job. But my only problem is that it takes a very long time to do this. So i need to know when exactly is it doing..

12/31/2013 00:35:31.4419516Information<Global method="FileWrite"><h>0</h><Pos>0</Pos><Buffer /></Global>
12/31/2013 00:36:01.7372048InformationExecuteWithAttachments returned no data in buffer.
12/31/2013 00:36:01.7372048Information<Global></Global>
12/31/2013 00:36:01.7372048Information000% - qvp://myserver/MYFOLDER/My Dashboard.qvw
12/31/2013 00:36:01.7528049Information<Global method="FileWrite"><h>0</h><Pos>5242880</Pos><Buffer /></Global>
12/31/2013 00:36:32.0012580InformationExecuteWithAttachments returned no data in buffer.
12/31/2013 00:36:32.0012580Information<Global></Global>
12/31/2013 00:36:32.0012580Information001% - qvp://myserver/MYFOLDER/My Dashboard.qvw
12/31/2013 00:36:32.0012580Information<Global method="FileWrite"><h>0</h><Pos>10485760</Pos><Buffer /></Global>
12/31/2013 00:37:02.2497111InformationExecuteWithAttachments returned no data in buffer.
12/31/2013 00:37:02.2497111Information<Global></Global>
12/31/2013 00:37:02.2497111Information002% - qvp://myserver/MYFOLDER/My Dashboard.qvw
12/31/2013 00:37:02.2497111Information<Global method="FileWrite"><h>0</h><Pos>15728640</Pos><Buffer /></Global>
12/31/2013 00:37:32.4669642InformationExecuteWithAttachments returned no data in buffer.
12/31/2013 00:37:32.4669642Information<Global></Global>
12/31/2013 00:37:32.4669642Information002% - qvp://myserver/MYFOLDER/My Dashboard.qvw
12/31/2013 00:37:42.4665817Information<Global method="FileWrite"><h>0</h><Pos>20971520</Pos><Buffer /></Global>
12/31/2013 00:38:12.7462349InformationExecuteWithAttachments returned no data in buffer.
12/31/2013 00:38:12.7462349Information<Global></Global>
12/31/2013 00:38:12.7462349Information003% - qvp://myserver/MYFOLDER/My Dashboard.qvw
12/31/2013 00:38:12.7462349Information<Global method="FileWrite"><h>0</h><Pos>26214400</Pos><Buffer /></Global>
12/31/2013 00:38:42.9634880InformationExecuteWithAttachments returned no data in buffer.
12/31/2013 00:38:42.9634880Information<Global></Global>

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: Need help understanding TaskLog

Hello Aadil,

It seems it's distributing the document from the Source folder to the User folder (mounted or root), according to a Distribution task to put it on a QlikView server.

It uses port 4747 TCP, not having all rules set for this port open might be the cause for such a slow operation. Try "Distribute to a Folder" instead, just in case this works faster.


Re: Need help understanding TaskLog


Yup, as Miguel says it is the Distribution Task.

You say this is slow, does it speed up if the Distribution Services is restarted and then steadily slow down again?  I had exactly that issue and it was due to a memory leak in the Microsoft dot net software.

Best Regards,     Bill

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Re: Need help understanding TaskLog

Thanks Miguel and Thanks Bill.

I'll check on these things and get back to you.


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Re: Need help understanding TaskLog

Hi Aadil:

In my case, I solved it!, starting qv distribution services with an user with administrative privileges on the server, not on the domain.