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On Multiple Events Completed reload task Trigger

Hi Floks, I had a probelem with on multiple event completed triggers. I created the On Mulitple Events Completed Trigger Task (Reload & Distribute of Dashboard.qvw) on my Dashboard.qvw and this reload task didn't initiated eventhough all the mentioned tasks completed in the above Task.

We have 4 QVD Loader applications and these 4 tasks initiated after my ETL jobs were done. Please find the below are task details of QVD Loaders.

Time      Task Name     QVW Name

6.30AM QVD1 Task ---> QVDLoader1.qvw

6.32AM QVD2 Task ---> QVDLoader2.qvw

6.35AM QVD3 Task ---> QVDLoader3.qvw

6.45AM QVD4 Task ---> QVDLoader4.qvw

I created the reload & Distribute of Dashboard.qvw task triggered when Multiple events have complated (Trgigger upon Success of QVD1 Task, Trgigger upon Success of QVD2 Task, Trgigger upon Success of QVD3 Task ,Trgigger upon Success of QVD4 Task).

But this task didn't initiated after sucess of all QVD task got completed.

Please suggest me, is there any wrong with me task? I am using QV11 version server...

Thanks & Regards.


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Re: On Multiple Events Completed reload task Trigger

This is a bug.

Check this out:




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