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Physical and virtual folder structure best practise

Dear all,

I like to set up a new server and introduce a sustainable folder structure with QV10.

Especially, I like to separate production area and a test area for user acceptance tests. Physical folders (for direct editing with QV Full Client) and visual separation in QV Access Point. No further sub-structure needed.

Users are only using published applications with local full clients or via the access point. No upload to server. Just publishing periodically reloaded applications.

Additionally, I like to have a 3-step-development process (dev with local client, test in server, production in server).



- app1.qvw

- app2.qvw


- app1.qvw      (e.g. new version)

- app2.qvw

What is the best way to achieve this?

Publishing with the distribution service from two (prod and test) folders results in a mix of production and test applications in QV access point. Users risk selecting a non-productive version of an application due to having the same file names in both source folders. Folders are invisible in the standard view of the access point.

Has someone solved this already in a similar situation? Or do I have to apply dyncamic visual effects based on given source folder to achieve visual separation of prod and test apps for users?

Thanks in advance.


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