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Preload option with Publisher

Hi. Assume that you have a very big QVW (lets say 4 GB) and that you want to use the preload option in order to

load it into QVS memoty after its reload. In the case that you have the publisher and you want to reduce and ditribute it to various

users(but also keep a version of all data for Admins) does it make sense to do it using publisher and then add to the preload option to all the user documents?

In this case how the preload will work?

Once for all documents or one for the big one have all the data and many times for the reduced ones?

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Re: Preload option with Publisher


Any one having answer to this question?

I have same doubt? I mean What is Preload option under Documents-->Source Documents-->App-->Distribution Task-->Server-->Performance-->Document Control-->Customize-->Cluster Node-->Document Available-->Always-->Preload

and Documents-->User Documents-->App-->Server-->Performance-->Document Control-->Customize-->Cluster Node-->Document Available-->Always-->Preload

Re: Preload option with Publisher

Preload always works the same. It's a setting that applies to that particular document.

The difference between the manual preload and a preload option in a distriubtion task is that the latter doesn't force you to manually set the preload option ever again. Publisher will take care of that. And this may be useful if your loop&reduce produces many different documents. Instead of manually tagging them all over and over again, publisher will do this for you automatically.


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Re: Preload option with Publisher


I think in this case because you have already reduce the main application and distribute to different users, having the preload option on the main application which has the big data is good enough.

The reduce file is small


Re: Preload option with Publisher


I would create one document and restrict what the users sees with section access. Then the preload option would have to be set for only one document.


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