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Price comparison

Hi everyone,

I'd lite to create a tab such as the attached one , the purpose is to compare prices differences between each 'depot' for each reference. If there's any difference i'd like to have a color marker somewhere in the tab.

Thing is, I don't know how the expression will look like.

So as dimension : Reference, Dépot

As expression  :  Prices.

If you got any idea, i'd be glad to discuss about it

Wish you all the best Christmas parties,


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Re: Price comparison

Load * inline [Reference, Depot, Value
1,112, 1000
2, 112,800
3, 113, 400
3, 112, 300]

Demension: Reference, Depot

Expression: sum(Value)

Background colour (can be seen by pressing the + button beside the expression): if(sum(Value) <> sum( distinct total <Reference> Value), lightred())


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Re: Price comparison

You can use colour mix wizard.

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Re: Price comparison


you can use below expression in background color:

if(sum(Value) <> sum( distinct total <Reference> Value), lightred(),lightgreen())



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