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Publisher 9.0

Hi There,

We have recently applied our publisher licence however under user documents I no longer have the reload option, is this elsewhere or a separate control panel for Publisher?

Sorry if this is a obvious question.



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Publisher 9.0


I too am experiencing the same issue. From what the server manual says you create a task from a source document, which defines the reload functionality. However to create this task your document must be listed under the source document view. Not sure about how that process works as there are several user documents and no source documents.


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Publisher 9.0

I did not mean to 'Suggest as an Answer' but I did come up with a possible solution. I moved files from the user to the source folder at the files system level and was able to view the document in the source view and create a reload task. Now my question is how is it really supposed to be done?

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Publisher 9.0

With a Publisher Enterprise license the reloading will be done from the source document area so this is working as intended as far as I understand. You can distribute the documents to the User Documents folder after reloading if you'd like.

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