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Publisher Task Failures

Hi All

I am running Publisher tasks very 30 minutes. If the reload task fails for any reason at all I do not want the next scheduled execution to start as manual db intervention may be required. Is there an easy way to configure a Publisher tasks so that it does not start if it, or one if its child dependencies has previously failed ? Thanks.

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Re: Publisher Task Failures

You can configure task to only start when previous task is a success.



Re: Publisher Task Failures

If you only want a task to run if another task was run successfully:


This way you could schedule task01 every 30 minutes, and then have a chain of tasks that get triggered depending on the outcome of that task.

There is also a "On multiple events completed" trigger if you need a task to depend on several other tasks.

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Re: Publisher Task Failures

Sorry for the confusion - prob. wording of my origan question.

As an example :

TASK A          Runs every 30 minutes

   TASK B          Dependant on success of A

     TASK C          Dependant on success of B

etc etc

IF B fails then obviously C will not start. However in 30 minutes time I don't want task A to start until I get a chance to investigate the cause of task B issue.


Re: Publisher Task Failures

maybe something like this:

Set up a supporting task (QMC > System > Supporting Tasks) that runs every 30 minutes. It could be a "Pause" task with no delay.

Then on Task "A" have a trigger "on Multiple events" which runs on success of the above "Pause" task and Task "B" and "C" in the last 30 minutes.

You probably need also a daily trigger or similar to get it to run the first time.

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Re: Publisher Task Failures

This will create the requirement and should be marked as answered.

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